Reviews - Hear What Our Clients Are Saying

  1. The cupcakes were a big hit with everyone!
    "The sweets table looked fabulous! The cupcakes were a big hit with everyone! They looked beautiful too! We have enjoyed working with you and very much appreciated your wise counsel! We had a truly perfect day!" -Karen F
  2. Cutest I have EVER seen -
    "I just wanted to let you know how much everyone loved your cake, cookies, and scones! Thanks again! The cake and cookies were the cutest I have EVER seen :)" -Angela S
  3. I got so many compliments on the cake!
    " I just wanted to thank you so much for the wonderful cake and cookies for my wedding, they were a big hit! I got so many compliments on the cake! It was fabulous and the flavor was amazing! " - Katie C.
  4. Wonderful pastries and dessert bar -
    "I wanted to Thank You for the wonderful pastries and dessert bar; everyone enjoyed them. It was all beautiful and delicious!" -Elsie S.
  5. There was nothing left -
    " I just wanted to let you all know the desserts were a HUGE hit! There was nothing left. Everything was beautiful and delicious. Everybody loved the cake so much! And everything else too. We absolutely loved them all. I might have to order another batch of the cake pops because they were so good and very popular ;) " - Susan D.
  6. Yummmm, we are so excited!
    "Yummmm, we are so excited! I don't think I can count the number of times over the past several months we've said, "Our anniversary is getting closer, which means...Mille's cake is getting closer!!!"" - Lauren W.
  7. Everyone loved it - especially the birthday girl!
    "Just wanted to thank you all once again for the fantastic cake, everyone loved it (especially the birthday girl)!!!" - Sandy D
  8. The shower was a great success in no small part -
    " Stacey loved the cakelettes, as did everyone at the shower. I have to say it was beyond delicious. I think the shower was a great success and in no small part because of Millie, you, and the stellar cakelettes. " -Laura M
  9. The scones are the best I have ever had -
    "I love scones and try them everywhere, but Eloise's Pastries has the best I have ever had in the U.S. I love ordering them once a month, and freezing them, and thus enjoying them all month long." -Raquel W
  10. Cupcakes were delicious!
    "The cupcakes were delicious and a big hit. Everyone loved them. We’ll be back to Eloise Pastries again in the future!" -Becky R
  11. Thank you for making it a very special occasion!
    "The birthday was wonderful! And he really was very surprised with the cake!!! Thank you for making it a very special occasion! I will definitely keep that in mind sending them care packages! " -Wendy N
  12. What a Work of Art!
    "The true hit of the baby shower was the cake... What a true work of art!!! We were so pleased with the craftsmanship of the cake, so thank you so much!" - Christine R
  13. Best Pie I have Ever Eaten
    "I love pecan pie. I have eaten pecan pie my whole life. This, this was the best pecan pie I have ever eaten. I had to keep having more." - Larry B
  14. Gingerbread Twinkles... My Mouth is Already Watering -
    "The first time I had gingerbread twinkles was at a friend of mine's annual Christmas party.... And it changed my life. We all stood around eating them, savoring them, and then watching for who is having more out of turn. The only good thing about them being avaiable once a year is for my waistline. The best!" - Mary R
  15. The Cake was a Great Success -
    "The cake was a great success both aesthetically and gastronomically! Thank you so very much. The Honoree was absolutely blown away by your creativity Mille. " -Ken S
  16. Cheese Crackers - My Favorite
    "I love these cheese crackers. They are moist, not too tender, have a soft bite to them, not too salty and just the right cheese flavor. I buy one pack for myself to enjoy right away, and the second pack to savor over the following week. If I have to share, I get an additional box, (and then tell them where to buy them). - Amber T
  17. Anniversary Cake Email Made my Day
    "This email made my day :) I cannot believe it has been a year already! We loved the cinnamon with hot chocolate cake so we would like that to be our flavor. Thank you again very much!" -Lusby S
  18. Amazing Winery Themed Cake
    "Thank you Eloise Pastries for the amazing winery themed bridal shower cake you made for me. It was absolutely amazing and tasted fantastic as well! It was a hit at the party, thank you again for all your hard work!!" - S G
  19. The Cake Pops are soooo good!
    "Completed my little ones party! Thank you so much! The cake pops are sooooo good!" - Crystal D
  20. The chocolate cake is wonderful!
    " The cake is beautiful, delicious and the chocolate is wonderful. My husband loves it! Thank you for everything. I am happy I found your website. I will definitely keep you in mind for Christmas baskets." - Anna M
  21. Last year we gave all our -
    "Last year we gave all our employees a bag each of the peppermint marble bark. It got rave reviews. This year there's no question what we're giving - as they're already asking when they will be getting their perppermint marble bark!" - Annie T
  22. Everyone wanted their own cookie -
    "I ordered the hand decorated holiday cookies primarily for the cookies. But they were so beautiful the adults wanted them too... And so they stole a bite and they were so delicious! Everyone then wanted their own cookie! Delicious! - Tracy J"
  23. Thank you for making me look great -
    "I received more call backs from my clients after sending them a customized appreciation box, that was shipped to them. Everyone loved it! It was delicious, beautiful and they all thought it was extremely thoughtful! Thank you for making me look great, Eloise's Pastries!" - Fran K.
  24. My Wife Absolutely loved Her Cake!
    "Thank you so much for your amazing work on my wife's 40th birthday cake. You really knocked it out of the park; it was fun and creative, and a big hit that my wife absolutely loved! On top of the design and your professional presentation, it was the most decadent and amazingly delicious gluten-free chocolate cake I've ever eaten. And yes, the matching mini-cupcakes played big too." - Brian A