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We will be closed from August 22nd - 29th due to a wedding in the bakery family.
If you place an order during that time it will be filled after our return on the 30th. 

  1. Happy Halloween Cake
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  2. Halloween Cupcakes
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  3. Pecan Pie
    pecan pie, all natural pecan pie, award winning pecan pie, best pecan pie
  4. Pumpkin Scones
    pumpkin scones, pumpkin maple scones

What makes everything so delicious? Our choices!

Eloise's Pastries is the heirloom bakery nestled in the Blue Ridge foothills, where
we offer real service, use only premium all natural ingredients; most of which are organic, and offer really fabulous baked goods, ensured by our choosing to purchase from small cooperative farms whose animals are certified humane and antibiotic free 
Though fully licensed, insured and inspected, we do not operate a store front, so please call or email us to place your order.
Want it shipped directly to you? Visit our online store .
We look forward to serving you!

Real Service, Real Ingredients, Really Fabulous

All of our items are made in small batches with outstanding natural ingredients, most of which are organic, giving all of our baked goods an exceptional richness and quality.

Tuesday to Friday 9:30am-6:00pm
Saturday  9:00am-3:30pm
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