Dessert Bars & Favors

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We are here to help - from layout to assortment, Eloise’s Pastries is here to bring your vision to life. We’ll help you gauge quantities, space needed at the venue and are happy to set it all up when your day arrives. 
Are there gluten-free guests or allergies? Not a problem. We will work with you to make sure everyone can be a part.
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As dessert bars are custom to each client, a tasting or consultation is strongly recommended for the most accurate, least confusing quote.
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Of course!
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Our Dessert Bar Items
  1. Mini Cheesecakes
    Mini Cheesecakes
    These personal size cheesecakes are a delicious surprise for your guests. In traditional New York Style, they are rich moist and delicious. Topped with either a fresh berry garnish or berry coulees.
  2. Bride and Groom Cake Pops
    Bride and Groom Cake Pops
    Our popular and delicious cake pops are all adorned in the wedding finery! A very popular favor, that is both elegant and delicious. Each cake pop is beautifully packaged. Can be customized with your personalized ribbon.
  3. custard tarts, summer tarts, best dessert bar pie
    Mini Custard Tarts with Berries
    These 2bite size tarts are always the first to go when ever they are put out. Assembled onsite, they are fresh, and delicious! They are topped with seasonal berries.
  4. Cutting Tiers, small wedding cakes, mini wedding cakes
    Cutting Tiers
    For all those who want to have a cake to cut for pictures but do not want or need a lot of cake, this is a great option for you! We offer all of our cake flavors for this intimate size layer cake. We are happy to create the cake design of your choice - including a small tiered option.
  5. cupcakes, mini cupcakes, wedding cupcakes
    Cupcakes & Mini Cupcakes
    Are you one who loves cupcakes? We offer our cupcakes in two sizes. Our traditional size cupcakes are filled, while are minis are just waiting to be gobbled up. Custom decor on top is available.
  6. bite size cake, cake canape,
    Cake Canapes
    One of our most popular dessert bar items. Available in most all of our cake flavors and can be topped with a fresh berry garnish. These simply elegant canapes are dressed to fit the occasion - your guests won't eat just one!
  7. personal pie, mini pies, bite-size pies
    2Bite Pies
    Another popular item at all dessert bars, these two-bite size pies even have a cult following. In many flavors, guests won't take just one.
  8. bars, pie bars
    We offer all of our bars for the dessert bar. Wonderful to display and are impossible to resist.
  9. cookies, dessert bar cookies, cookies bar
    Cookie Selection
    Want to switch it up and add a childhood favorite to your dessert bar? Cookies are always enjoyed and create an inviting and tempting display.
  10. edible favors, cake pop favors
    Cake Pop Favors
    Cake Pops are one of our most popular dessert bar / favor items. Our pricing is based on design, flavor, pricing and packaging Can be customized with your personalized ribbon.
  11. brownies, brownie bar, dessert bar brownies
    Our decadent chocolate brownies are made with only the highest quality ingredients, they are rich and loved by all choc-o-holics. With the option of either the white chocolate striping or dusted with sugar, they are sure to impress and be loved by all!
  12. whoopee pies, mini whoopee pies, dessert bar
    Mini Whoopee Pies
    Enjoy our delicious mini whoopee pies on your dessert table. Fun and easy to eat! It is a great play of a way to offer cake in this 'sandwich' form. Heart shape also available.
  13. linzer cookies, swedish window cookies
    Linzer Cookies
    These cookies are most common during the holidays, but are now seen at many special events. An almond cookie base with a delicious jam filling, these 'window' cookies are lovely displayed and delicious to eat.
  14. shortbread, edible favors, monogram cookies
    Our popular shortbread melts in your mouth, and are so sweet in this heart shape as pictured. They are also available in round, square and flower designs.
  15. personal layer cakes, mini layer cakes, layer cake favors
    Baby Cakelettes
    These personal size mini layer cakes are individually finished in buttercream with a fondant wrap. You can offer them as one per guest, having them displayed on a cupcake tree or table, or as decoration in the dessert bar.
  16. bride and groom cookies, decorated cookies, cookie favors, custom design cookies
    Hand Decorated Cookies
    Our Bride and Groom heart cookies are only one of many hand decorated options. Let us help you bring your favors or place cards to life. These are not only beautiful, they are delicious.
  17. designer cookies, springerles, molded cookies
    Beautiful Molded Cookies
    Wow your guests with these special molded cookies that are almost too pretty to eat. Multiple shapes and forms available.