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We will be closed from August 22nd - 29th due to a wedding in the bakery family.
If you place an order during that time it will be filled after our return on the 30th. 

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Cakelette Gallery

Please see below a selection of our Cakelettes. Click to See Full Size.

  1. Bride and Groom Cakelettes
    Bride and Groom Cakelettes
  2. Butterfly Birthday Cakelette
    Butterfly Birthday Cakelette
  3. Frosty Cakelettes
    Frosty Cakelettes
  4. Baby Shower Cakelette
    Baby Shower Cakelette
  5. Gluten-Free Cakelette Favors
    Gluten-Free Cakelette Favors
  6. Cakelette Favors
    Cakelette Favors
  7. Cakelette Favors
    Cakelette Favors
  8. Easter Bunny Cakelette
    Easter Bunny Cakelette
  9. Flower Birthday Cakelette
    Flower Birthday Cakelette
  10. Birthday Cakelette
    Birthday Cakelette
  11. Holiday Poinsetta Cakelette
    Holiday Poinsetta Cakelette
  12. Be Mine Valentine
    Be Mine Valentine
  13. Cut Cakelette
    Cut Cakelette
  14. Birthday Chics Cakelette
    Birthday Chics Cakelette
  15. Cakelette Tiered Cake
    Cakelette Tiered Cake